Dr. Y.M. Fazil Marickar MS, MAMS, PhD(Urology), FAMS, FIMSA, FAS, FEMSI
Dean of Mount Zion Medical College

Dr. Y.M. Fazil Marickar is Principal, Mount Zion Medical College, Adoor. As Principal of Mount Zion Medical College since inception, Prof. Marickar has created a model Medical College with academic excellence among the students, Kalathilakam and athlete of the University – Kerala University of Health Sciences (KUHS). Utilizing electronic modalities, medical gurukulam is in vogue. Through loving and caring, rigid discipline has been enforced and the college has been declared as “RAGGING FREE MEDICAL COLLEGE. He was the first surgeon from Kerala to pass the All India MAMS exam in 1977, the first and only Indian member of the International Consulting Committee on Urolithiasis for 29 years, first doctor to be awarded Ph.D. in the medical faculty (Urology) in 1991 by the Kerala University, first Surgeon to be awarded the Fellowship of the National Academy of Medical Sciences in Surgery from Kerala in 1999, first and only surgeon from Kerala to be honoured with the prestigious Pandalai Oration award in 2008, the highest award for any Surgeon in Indian and first doctor to receive the Fellowship of the Electron Microscopic Society of India in 2009. He was earlier Principal, Azeezia Medical College, Kollam, Professor and Head of Surgery at Government Medical College, Trivandrum and SUT College of Medicine, Trivandrum. He has been a surgical teacher for the last 46 years and has done extensive research on urinary stone disease. He has completed 43 funded research projects of the ICMR, CSIR, KSST, SBMR, ASIKC and University of Kerala. He has attended 28 international conferences, presented 140 guest lectures and scientific papers and chaired scientific sessions. He has presented over 960 scientific papers at National and regional conferences and published 395 papers in International, national and regional publications. Sixteen of his students have been awarded Ph.D. degree by the University of Kerala. He has published eight books - three text books in Surgery, four research publications and one on history. He is an Inspector of the Indian Medical Council and expert panelist of the Kerala State Council for Science, Technology and Environment. He was selected as best doctor of Kerala in 2000. He has delivered various other orations including Raghavachari Oration 2000, SX Charles Oration 2002, Kerala Urology Oration 2005, SEMI Oration 2009, Leeladharadathen memorial oration 2016 and Mohandas memorial oration 2017”. He is Patron of Trivandrum Urology Club, Governing Council Member of Association of India, Secretary of the National Academy of Medical Sciences Kerala Chapter, Editorial Board Member of Urological Research and Journal of Endourology, peer reviewer for ICMR, SEM International, food microstructure, South African Journal of Biochemistry and allied journals, World Journal of Urology, Urologia Internationalis, International Journal of Urology, Journal of endourology, International Journal of Education and Research and Steering committee member of the International Urolithiasis Society. He is examiner for MBBS and MS General Surgery and adjudicator for evaluation of thesis for Ph.D. in various Universities all over the country. He is a Fellow of the International Medical Science Academy and Kerala Academy of Sciences. He is a member of the British Association of Urological Surgeons, British Medical Council, Society Internationale de Urologie and various national bodies. He has been member of Academic Council, PG Board of studies and Member of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Kerala and Member of the Faculty of Medicine, Kannur University. As Nodal Officer for revision of medical curriculum, Kerala, he regularised all the medical and paramedical courses in the state. He organised a curriculum for MBBS and various post graduate medical degrees and diplomas. He was Chairman of the Association of Surgeons of India Kerala Chapter, President of the Association of Surgeons of India Trivandrum branch, President of the Association of British Council Scholars, Managing Director, Tamam Institute of Medical Sciences, Vice-Chairman, Centre for Research and Studies International (CRSI) and member, Board of Management, Vice President, Kerala Academy of Sciences, Vice President Urolithiasis Society of India, Secretary Urological Association of Kerala, Editorial Secretary Urolithiasis Society of India and executive committee member of various scientific organisations. He was editor of the Kerala Surgical Journal from 1994 to 2000 and is currently the Chief Editor. He was awarded Commonwealth Medical Fellowship for training in Urology in England in 1983-1984. He has organized various meetings, chaired sessions in several national and chapter meetings of ASI and has been adjudicator for deciding awards of ASI at the national and State level, National Academy of Medical Sciences, State Board of Medical Research, Kerala State Science and Technology, Urological Association of Kerala, Kerala Science Congress etc. He has been an effective and ardent medical teacher and mentor for nearly five decades, stimulating medical ethics and professionalism in thousands of medical students and trainees, who have attained high academic and professional excellence and living in different parts of the globe. Several Surgeons, researchers and medical teachers have blossomed out of his mentorship.


As Principal of Mount Zion Medical College, Prof. Marickar has created a model RAGGING FREE MEDICAL COLLEGE with absolute discipline and academic and extracurricular excellence using medical gurukulam through loving and caring. He has created a new paradigm shift in patient management by creating a new electronic medical records program incorporating 1570 teaching modules of Under Graduate medical education to more than 1000 diseases to be learnt by the students and practiced by the clinicians. As Nodal Officer for revision of medical curriculum, Kerala, he has regularised all medical and paramedical courses in Kerala and organised curriculum for MBBS and post graduate degrees and diplomas. He has performed research on 40,000 urinary stone patients for 46 years, continuously giving ethical treatment for decades and successfully preventing stone formation in them. He has recognized new treatment modalities for preventing urinary stone formation and has published various articles in international and national journals, presented in international conferences and achieved international accolades. He was the first PhD in the medical faculty in Kerala in 1991 in Urology. He has performed extensive work on scanning electron microscopy of urinary stones, creating innovative knowledge on formation and growth of stones and identifying new treatment modalities including local herbal drugs. He has published eight books, three in Surgery approved for MBBS in the Universities of Kerala and chapters on stone disease in Urology and Nephrology books. He has presented 950 papers in scientific conferences and published 305 articles in Medical Journals State, National and International.


1. Best doctor of Kerala 2000
2. Raghavachari Oration 2000
3. SX Charles Oration 2002
4. Kerala Urology Oration 2005
5. Leeladharadhathan Memorial Oration 2016
6. Mohandas Memorial Oration, 2017
7. Expert panelist of the KSCS TE.
8. First SRF of CSIR in Medicine in Kerala 1971.
9. First Post doctoral fellowship of CSIR 1976.
10. First Kerala surgeon pass MAMS exam 1977.
11. First doctor awarded Ph. D. in the medical faculty 1991 Kerala University.
12. First Kerala Surgeon Fellowship of the NAMS in Surgery from Kerala 1999.
13. First editor of Kerala Surgical Journal 1994 to 2000.
14. Member of Academic Council Kerala University 1988-1992
15. Member PG Board of studies Kerala University 1998-2000
16. Member of Faculty of Medicine Kannur University. 2007-2010
17. Member Faculty of Medicine of the Kerala University 1999-2007
18. Nodal Officer for revision of medical curriculum, Kerala 1997-2003.
19. Regularised all medical and paramedical courses in Kerala
20. Organised curriculum for MBBS and PG medical degrees and diplomas.
21. Chairman, ASI Kerala Chapter.
22. President, ASI Trivandrum Branch.
23. Vice President, Kerala Academy of Sciences.
24. Currently Secretary, Kerala Chapter of NAMS.
25. Sixteen students awarded Ph. D.
26. Presently guiding 3 Ph.D. students.
27. Examiner for Ph.D. and M.S. various Universities.
28. Member of Selection board of KPSC for Surgery
29. Organising Chairman of ASI Kerala Chapter Peripheral Meet 2006.
30. Fellowship of KAS 1999.
31. Chairman in various scientific sessions in various State Conferences.
32. Vice President KAS
33. Editor KGMCTA


Pandalai Oration award 2008 (first and only surgeon from Kerala since 1961).
Only doctor to present SEMI Oration 2009 (Electron Microscopy).
First Kerala surgeon to pass All India MAMS exam 1977
First Kerala surgeon elevated to FAMS in Surgery 1999, Inspector of MCI.
First Senior Research Fellow of CSIR in Medicine in Kerala 1971.
First Post doctoral fellowship of the CSIR in 1976.
Peer reviewer for ICMR.
100 research projects of ICMR, CSIR, KSST, SBMR, ASIKC and KU (45 funded).
Fifteen Research grants Awards, ASI KC.
Komaranchath Urology Prize for best paper published 1987
Best paper XIX National Seminar on Crystallography, 1987.
Best Paper Presentation 1988 ASI.
Best Paper Presentation 1992, ASI.
Best Paper Presentation 1991, ASI.
Man of the year 2000
Bharat Excellence Awards Gold Medal 2000
Man of the year award 2002
National’s Health Excellence Award 2003.
Chikitsak Gayan Jyothi Award 2004
Life Time Health Achievement Award 2005.
Rashtriya Vikas Jyothi Award 2005
Life time education achievement award.2005.
Life time achievement gold medal award 2005.
Rashtriya Vikas Ratan Award 2006
Chikitsa Rattan Award 2007
Member of committee organizing Constitution of ASI
Organising secretary II National Conference USOI 1983
Chairman scientific sessions in National Conferences ASI
Urological Society of India
Urolithiasis Society of India
Indian Association of Crystal Growth
Indian Medical Association
National Academy of Medical Sciences
Indian Association for Medical Informatics
Centre for Research and Studies International (CRSI)
Centre for Interdisciplinary Research Studies (CIRS)
Society for Promotion of Excellence in Education (SPEED)
Fellow Electron Microscopic Society of India


Outstanding Urolithiasis researcher of Asia Award, 2009.
Best Research award of European Urolithiasis (EULIS 2006, Turkey)
Only Indian member International Consulting Committee on Urolithiasis since 1988.
Only Indian Editorial board member Urological Research, Urolithiasis.
Reviewer Journal Endo Urology, SEM International, Urology Journal, IJERD, African Journal of Biochemistry Research Commonwealth Fellowship Urology England 1983-1984 II prize best paper BAUS Meeting 1985, UK.
Fellowship International Medical Science Academy
Member British Association of Urological Surgeons.
Member British Medical Council,
Member Society Internationale de Urologie.
Peer reviewer for American Medal of Honor, 2002
International Medical Excellence Award 2002.
Steering Committee member International Urolithiasis Society
Member Association of Kerala Medical Graduates of North America
President Association of British Council Scholars.
Vice-Chairman, Centre for Research and Studies International (CRSI).
25 international conferences, 4 guest lectures, 212 papers and chaired 7 scientific sessions.
1. Garmisch 1984 4
2. UK 1985 1
3. USA 1986 2
4. CANADA 1987 2
5. UK 1988 1
6. CANADA 1988 14 1 chair
7. Kuala Lumpur 1989 3
8. USA 1990 2
9. USA 1992 2
10. Australia 1992 27 1
11. Sweden 1995 3
12. Netherlands 1995 3
13. USA 1996 16 1
14. Sweden 1999 1 1
15. S.Africa 2000 9 1
16. Pakistan 2001 3
17. Hongkong 2004 6
18. Turkey 2003 11
19. Germany 2005 11
20. Pakistan 2005 2
21. France 2008 20
22. Italy 2009 14
23. Brazil 2012 25 (world record of 24 oral) 1
24. Pakistan 2015 3
25. Japan 2016 26 1


Dr. Fazil Mairckar has undertaken extensive studies on epidemiology of urolithiasis, biochemical study of stones, x ray crystallography, spectrophotography, analysis of trace elements and scanning electron microscopic study of surface and interior of stones and matrix. He has developed a new concept for identifying calculogenic potential of diet, new computer program for assessing nutrient content of foods, new technique for studying stone inhibiting effect of human urine by incorporating it in silica gel medium, new technique of histochemical staining to identify fibrous matrix in urine, new technique to study effect of drugs/ plant extracts on crystal growth, new treatment modalities for varieties of stones, neural network model for identifying risk index for stone formation from the biochemical values of stone patients, computer program for crystal structure and a program in diagnos shell for calculating risk index for stone formation from clinical parameters. A new silica gel technique was developed for growing urinary crystals in human urine namely whewellite, weddellite, struvite, brushite, apatite, octocalcium phosphate and newberyite in silica gel media. Uric acid crystals were grown for the first time. Various chemotherapeutic and chemoprophylactic drug regimes have been successfully developed. He has recognised that the patients' urine has less inhibitors in urine. The role of oral citrates in preventing stone formation was established. A new formula was worked out to identify the role of diet in promoting or inhibiting stone formation. Retrospective long term follow up done on thousands of patients has proved the effectiveness of new modalities in preventing stone formation.


Acted in Tamil film 1959.
Best Scout in Model School Patrol 1960.
Passed Madhyamam hindi national exam 1961.
First Prize elocution and recitation Model School 1962.
Best actor in School Tamil drama female role 1962.
Secretary, Literary Association, Intermediate College 1964 1965.
Passed Medical B and C certificate exminations in NCC 1966 – 1977.
Was Senior Under Officer of NCC Medical College Trivandrum unit 1967-1968.
Convener Trivandrum District Planning Forum Committee 1967 1968.
President Muslim Students Association, Trivandrum 1967 1968
Secretary Medical College Planning Forum 1967 1968.
First President of Sree Chithira Thirunal Medical Centre Family Welfare Society.
Assistant warden House Surgeons' quarters 1980 1984
Medical officer in charge medical illustration 1981 1992
Bulletin editor, Kerala Government Medical College Teachers Association, 1986 1989.
President Muslim Jama ath Kumarapuram, Trivandrum 1987.
Secretary, Rotary Club of Trivandrum North 1987–1988,
Best Secretary in Rotary District 321 1987 – 1988.
President, Rotary Club of Trivandrum Suburban 1988 1989.
Second Best President Rotary District 321 1988 – 1989.
Medical officer in charge Emergency laboratory 1989 –1998, Casualty laboratory 1989 1998, Surgical laboratory 1989 1998, Surgical research laboratory 1989 1998..
Treasurer, Rotary Club of Trivandrum Suburban 1990 1992.
Medical officer in charge Surgical research division 1991 1998.
Registrar, Department of Surgery 1993 1994.
Convener, Faculty of surgical Sciences 1994 1997.
Nodal Officer, Reorganisation of undergraduate and post graduate Medical Curriculum 1998–2003, I.P. admissions in MCH, Trivandrum 1997-1998, Directory of Research Projects, Medical College, Trivandrum 1998–2003, Publication of Research Projects of State Board of Medical Research, Kerala 1998-2003
District Chairman - awards committee - Rotary District 1998 -1999, Task force on Health Care - Rotary District 2004–2005, Four Way Test - Rotary District 3210 2006-2007, Rotary Information - Rotary District 3210 2007–2008, Rotary District 3211 2008–2009, Vocational Service District 3211 2009–2010, Permanent Fund Rotary District 3211 – 2010– 2011. Vocation Service, Rotary District 3210 1996 1997, Rotary project Leprosy eradication 1989 1991, 1991-1992, Rotary youth leadership awards 1991 1993.
Medical Superintendent, Azeezia Medical College 2009–2010
Executive Committee Member, Indian Association of Crystallologists.
Senior Associate of UGC Anna University Inter University.
Honorary Secretary, Urolithiasis Society of India, Kerala Urological Association, Honorary Secretary, Kerala Urological Association, Life Science Chapter, Kerala Academy of Sciences.
Bulletin Editor, Kerala Government Medical College Teachers Association.
Editorial Secretary Urolithiasis Society of India, Kerala Urological Association.
Executive Committee Member, Urolithiasis Society of India, Kerala Chapter, Urolithiasis Society of India, Indian Association of crystal growth, Kerala Chapter, Indian Association of crystal growth.
Senior Associate of UGC Anna University Inter University.
Organised the II National Conference of the Urolithiasis Society of India, at Trivandrum in 1983. Over 200 national and 30 overseas delegates participated, Symposium on treatment of ureteric colic in 1983 in Trivandrum under the auspices of Kerala Chapter Urolithiasis Society of India
Organising Chairman Association of Surgeons of India Kerala Chapter Peripheral Meet 2006.
Conducted Symposium on Medical Research in the service of mankind - 1992
Conducted workshop on How to start Medical Research – 1993
Editor of State Board of Medical Research, Kerala Research reports –2000.
Patron Urological Association of Kerala Annual Meet 2011
Patron Trivandrum Urology Club 2017.
Patron Urological Association of Kerala Mid term meet 2017
President Association of Genito Urinary Surgeons of India 2018

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