Welcome to the Mount Zion Family. A family that stays together prays together and strives together for giving one and all a better tomorrow in terms of both physical and mental health through the imparting of sound knowledge, the building of character and the spread of spiritual truth. We firmly believe that education is one of the most powerful instruments for the development and growth of any nation. Educated people of a nation can help it stand strong amongst nations. Education is the base for the advancement of science and technology and thereby progress both in terms of economics and power. Our motto spells out two very important things – ‘Trust’ and ‘Care’. In spiritual terms one needs to trust upon the Lord waiting in patience for ‘His’ divine will to unfold because he has in store blessings untold – HE Cares for us. In the worldly sense Trust is a very important component of the human psyche. Though it is an abstract thing but its presence has far reaching implications. Firstly trusting ones own self enhances the self confidence and thereby self esteem which is very important for overall mental and physical wellbeing. Secondly, trusting those, who as teachers and mentors are instilling this ingredient of trust in you through their dedicated service by imparting education and caring to see the gratification of your intellectual needs. With the arrival of the student at Mount Zion International University each year history surely will be created but my advice to students, teachers and the general public has always been very much motivating and optimistic – “Don’t be just a part of history but create your own history.”

Dr. N Sreedevi

Principal, Mount Zion Medical College

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